Sunday, October 4, 2009

9 Months Old!

Dear Gage,

Today is your 9 month birthday! It is a beautiful fall day and you are full of vim and vigor...which means you are on the go go go! These pictures tell the story:

It's not so easy getting you to sit still anymore!

These are some new developments in the past month:

You are saying Mama! And we know you know what that means because you will reach for me as you say it. The first time it was clear to us Daddy was holding you and I walked into the living room and you looked at me and said, "Mamamamama!"

You are pulling yourself up on things! It all started with the side of the bathtub, and now it's the couch, ottoman and our legs. It does make cooking and getting myself ready a bit more difficult now, but I still love it!

You now actually like your bath! Yay!!! No more tears. Your new duckie tub must have done the trick.

You are eating finger foods! Cheese, toast and Ritz crackers are your favorites. You still like your Gerber puffs too. Besides the usual pureed veggies, fruit, and Gerber meat choices, you have eaten bits of pancake, french toast and scrambled eggs so far. We love sharing our food with you!

You have four teeth and two more on the way. Your beautiful blond hair is coming in undeniably wavy. And listening to you talk your goo-gah, doo-dah language is music to my ears!

You are our beautiful blue-eyed, happy little bud bud that we couldn't possibly love more. That smile of yours brightens our days, and making you laugh brings such joy to our hearts. Our prayer for you, sweet boy, is that you would grow up healthy and strong, following Jesus with your whole heart and knowing how much your mom and dad love you!

You'll always be holding my heart,

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