Friday, September 4, 2009

8 Months Old

Dear Gage,

Could it be? You are 8 months old already? The months keep going by faster and faster and before we know it, you are going to be a big brother! But for now you are our one and only, our pride and joy, the apple of our eye. And that won't change when your little best friend arrives, you'll just have to share the spotlight!

A lot has happened this past month! For starters, you are crawling! It only took about a week for you to show signs of this coming on. And all of a sudden you can crawl and sit up from laying down and just plain move around!

Your two top teeth have broken through! One day I thought I saw two white buds and the next they were poking out. You have handled it crankiness like with the bottom two...

Ears ears ears! You love to have your ears q-tipped and stroked! I can tell it is very calming for you because you let me do it and seem to stop all activity and lean in closer. You have discovered my ears too and like to play with them.

When I am on the floor with you, you like to crawl into my lap and cuddle for a bit, then you are off again. It is one of my favorite things! When I am talking on the phone you like to watch me and then eventually you are in my lap hanging on to me for dear life. It is the cutest thing! I am not sure why you do it but it happens every time the phone call lasts more than about 10 minutes. You must not want me to forget about you!

Some of your favorite things are:

Your Mommy and Daddy! You will let others hold you for a little while but eventually you make it known that you want back in our arms, especially if we are in reach. When you are tired it is usually only your mama who has the right touch...

Your little push-car! You might even like it more than your stroller now...

Reading books before naptime. You have your favorites and let us know if the one we're reading is not one of them...

Being held upside-down. Daddy did it so much early on that now you tip yourself over in my arms for me to do it to you too.

Laughing! You have the most infectious laugh. Sometimes we have no idea what is so funny! It makes us (and others) laugh and the cycle continues...

Oh my sweet boy, how I love you so! You are God's gift to me, my wish come true. I pray that you will grow up confident and secure in who God created you to be. May I be a good teacher and example of Christ's love. You are our shining star!

Loving you always,

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Jack and Sheryl said...

Look at that adorable boy! What a cute little blondie!