Monday, December 29, 2008

We Made It Past Christmas!

Yay! No baby born on Christmas!! That was one of my worries, even as special as it would be to share a birthday with Jesus! Our Christmas was very quiet this year, just Craig and me. On Christmas morning Craig woke me up like a little boy would his parents (such a kid at heart!). He read Luke's account of Jesus' birth to me, we gave great thanks and then opened our gifts to each other.

We did open one gift on Christmas Eve...

a diaper bag that Craig will be proud to carry, a blanket, bottle, pacifier, hat and booties...Our child is destined to be a Cyclone fan!

On Saturday we joyfully celebrated with my sister, her hubby Craig (yes 2 Craigs in the family!) son Will, and my dad. It was great to have some interaction with family! We played games

opened gifts


and broke rocking chairs!

What a fun time! My dad and sister kept watch for any signs of contractions...they were hoping for some action while they were here! Unfortunately it didn't happen, but tomorrow (Dec. 30th) is my "due date" it's bound to be SOON!

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