Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is "D" Day!

December 30, 2008...our baby's due date! There is still time, but I have a feeling our little one is not coming into the world today.
I have a stubborn baby!
We had our Week 40 pre-natal appt. this morning and since today is our due date my doctor wanted me to have a fetal monitoring test to make sure there are no problems and she can let me go overdue. In the waiting area Baby E was rocking and rolling inside my belly! But of course once I went back and had the belts strapped around my middle, "clicker" in hand for every time I felt movement, it all stopped! There was no kicking, moving, or even hiccuping, the feelings I endure all day long! So the nurse eventually had to "buzz" my belly with a loud noise device which startled the baby to kick once, then nothing for a long time! I told Craig I wasn't surprised, we have a stubborn baby! Anytime I have wanted someone to feel a kick or see a "roll" our little Sprout just will not do it. Craig's response was, "Well we know who he (or she) takes after." I'm assuming he means himself...

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