Friday, December 12, 2008

Am I Going to Miss Being Pregnant?

As the end draws near Craig has asked me a few times, "You're going to miss being pregnant aren't you?"

I really haven't been able to give him a good answer, due to the fact that it has been wonderful but there is so much I am looking forward to after the baby is born! It is amazing that in 9 short months I have forgotten what it is like to not-be-pregnant. So I decided I must ponder the past several months, all of the ups and downs, joys and "inconveniences", and list them all so we will never forget!

My Joys of Pregnancy:
1. Watching my belly grow!
2. Laughing with Craig as we watch the "fireworks display" across my middle!
3. Wondering is this a boy or a girl?
4. Imagining what he/she is going to look like
5. Snuggling up behind Craig and seeing his eyebrows raise everytime he feels a kick in his back
6. Feeling all the wonderful movements of life inside me
7. All the kind words, prayers, and well-wishes from friends and even strangers
8. Baby showers!
9. Being able to wear belly-snuggy clothes and not feel self-conscious!
10. All the extra pampering!

There is so much more I could write but who wants to read the ramblings of a first time mom?! I have to be honest and list the not-so-great stuff too - just so I can remind Baby E someday what I went through... :)

1. Nausea, nausea, nausea!
2. Short of breath-ness
3. Sweatpants are the only comfortable pants I can wear!
4. Watching myself gain weight and not being able to do anything about it
5. Feeling the need to go to the bathroom every half hour
6. Not being able to bend over which is very inconvenient when I need to shave my legs!

I must stop there because I could probably find more to complain about, but when carrying a miracle of life is such a BLESSING, how can I complain? So I would say my lists prove that I WILL miss being pregnant, but I CAN'T WAIT to hold our little miracle in my arms and share the joys of parenthood with my dear Craig. (It will be nice to not feel so out of shape again too! :)
Will my next post be baby news...???

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carla said...

Nos preguntamos con mi mamá y Carla si te dan antojos de manjar...