Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

I do not know where the time goes. Or what I am doing to pass the time.? Have you ever thought back on things, such as naptimes, and wonder "What have I been doing with myself?" Well I couldn't tell ya! But I do know that time flies and I am busy doing something! So I apologize for my sporadic posting. I am going to try to be more consistent (especially for you family members who anxiously await!).

Lately we have been busy enjoying this beautiful weather outside while we can!

I just have to giggle at my BOYS! They are attracted to sand, dirt, water, mud, you name it, like a magnet! If it's dirty, they are all about it!

We were at my mom's sometime in early summer and the boys were playing outside in her backyard, in the dirt of course. She was trying to persuade them to play in a cleaner place and they didn't want anything to do with it. I had to remind her that "they're boys Ma, that's what they do." She only had girls mind you.

Sometimes I want to keep them from getting dirty too, and then I remind myself that I need to let my boys be boys. A little dirt won't hurt anything. And hey, if it keeps them busy and happy, I am all about that!


Holly said...

So pleased to see an update! Love those little sweethearts. Although I am surprised not to see pics of the football injury!! Smooches to Gager Goo and Eli 2!! xoxoxoxoxo

Meagan Fuller said...

I LOVE reading your posts!! I love seeing what the boys are up to and how they are growing :) Thanks for keeping up with it!!
Love you all!