Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Big Birthday Party

Who goes and has not one, but TWO children right around the holidays?? WE do! Growing up with a sister who has a birthday on New Year's Eve, I have heard the disappointment more than once in having your birthday lumped with Christmas or people forgetting and being "holidayed out". Craig's brother's birthday is on Christmas Eve. If anything, we wanted to avoid having babies around Christmas.

But obviously God had other plans, and we're just so thankful to have two children's birthdays to celebrate, so we deal with it! Which means we have a combined birthday party in between December 16th and January 4th!

Our "2 & 1" truck-themed birthday party was held on Saturday, Dec. 18th with our dear family who all drove a great distance to celebrate with us, in the midst of this busy holiday season no less! Gage is very into trucks of all kinds, shapes, and sizes these days so we decided to go with it. I took a risk and made a special cake.

He was quick to nab a gum drop accessory!

I also made a "1" cake for Eli (but failed to get any pictures so I am waiting on my sister's copies!). He's not so sure at first...
Then he starts to warm up... And finally he ditches the hat and the plate and digs right in!
Examining the damage...
It was a joy to watch Gage's excitement over his presents.

Eli was happy with the boxes.

And we're so happy we have two beautiful boys to celebrate!
(My only shot of them together...watching the traditional slideshow!)


Mindy said...

Way to go, celebrating all those birthdays! Now, maybe Eli will start working on that hair since his teeth are in! :)

Laura said...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthdays! What a joyful time of year for you. Gage's truck cake is impressive! Love it! Hope you are welcoming in 2011 with joy and peace. :)