Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Backs and Ear Infections

Life has been a little gloomy in the Engelbrecht house lately. Gage had his second ear infection in his life this week. The signs started showing Saturday night when he felt warm to me. Fever on Sunday and then to the doctor on Monday where it was confirmed. A double ear infection in fact.

I just hate it when my kids are sick. Hate it hate it hate it. Now I understand when my dad would always say he wished he could trade places with me when I was sick growing up.

The good news for Gage is that on Wednesday he woke up his happy and talkative little self. I was overjoyed! The bad news for Eli is that now he is showing signs of something... No fever, but runny nose and fussiness. So this afternoon we are headed back to the doctor.

Did I mention that I hate it when my kids are sick? Hate it hate it hate it!

On another note, Craig has been miserable with a sore back which is causing pain and numbness down his leg and foot. He has been miserable for weeks now. Finally had an MRI yesterday. He missed the phone call with the results in the late afternoon but received the message that they are referring him on to an orthopedic doctor. The orthopedic doctor is in surgery and not seeing patients today. The doctor and nurse with the MRI results are out today so we can't even know more than "there is an abnormality"... AND we have plans to head out of town on Sunday for a few days, so now Craig won't get any relief until next Thursday at the earliest, which is already booked for him at work because he is gone Monday through Wednesday.


I have been needing to get that off my chest all day! This whole situation is so frustrating. It is so hard not having a fully functioning helper. I am struggling with feeling compassion for him and feeling frustrated at the same time. I am scared to think of what the future holds...back surgery? chronic back pain/problems? I have been pleading with God to make him well. I know that He can. I still struggle.

The reason we are going out of town is because my dad is having major back surgery in Iowa City on Tuesday. Ironic huh? Craig and the boys will be in nearby Davenport with Grandma and Grandpa E. I will be with my dad on Monday night through Wednesday for moral support. I am also very worried and concerned about him getting through the surgery and beyond. He lives alone and is not in the best of health. I have been pleading with God to make him well. I know that He can. I still struggle.

So that is what has been going on in the Engelbrecht household. I am not usually one to vent on my blog (it's been a long time anyway - since those ugly "Dark Days of Colic..."!). The truth of the matter is, it is so hard to have things out of my control. The boys' illnesses, Craig's back, my dad's health. I cannot make any of it better and it kills me. It is so hard to watch things happen and not be able to do anything about it.

But I know that I can control the attitude I have, the love and kindness I show, and the prayer and praise that I give to my Lord who is in control. But sometimes a person just needs to vent...

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Sarah Lubach said...

So sad to hear about all the illness in your home, Heidi! Aaron tore his achilles this summer, so I know exactly how you feel when, not only is your helper down for the count, but you are caring for him as well. I pray for the healing power of the Holy Spirit to envelope every Engelbrecht as well as your dad. Hang in there, Friend! And thanks for the gate suggestion for Henry. We actually talked about trying that today! Miss you!