Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Months Old!

Dear Eli,

You are now 10 months old bud! I keep thinking that in two short months you will be ONE year old! We love watching you grow and change. I hope you are always as cuddly and smiley as you are right now! Those big blue eyes of yours gets a lot of attention! You like to flirt with the ladies in the grocery store and with anyone that comes over too. You play a little bashful at first, which is just as cute, as you give sideways glances and slow smiles. Oh you are a heart-melter!

We keep thinking that any day now you are going to crawl! You get on your hands and knees and rock back and forth and then...fall to your belly! Then you will get back up again and start moving backwards! You will eventually get stuck as you back up to the couch or something else. I found out that you can sit up from laying down yesterday when I went to get you from your crib and you were sitting up with your little feet sticking through the rungs! Daddy went in this morning and you were sitting up in the corner of your crib. You are moving and shaking little man!

You have a mouthful of teeth! Four on the bottom and four on the top. You are still teething right now it seems, as you are drooling a lot and a little fussy. So I did something I didn't want to do...I bought larger pacifiers for you! I was hoping that you were outgrowing them and didn't need them anymore but they are comforting and helpful to you right now so we are giving in.

You are still eating mostly Gerber baby food. When we try anything else like crackers or scrambled eggs you gag terribly. You do like yogurt and can handle a Ritz cracker now and then. You love the Gerber puffs and you do so well picking them up one by one from your tray.

You absolutely love Gage's sippy cups! You will steal one from him any chance you get. He's a pretty nice big brother and lets you have it. I love watching you two interact! You are so happy when he's around you, and he likes to pat your head and bring you toys. You also both try to out scream each other, especially at the dinner table. You usually start the screaming, just to hear your voice I think, and then Gage joins in. We have some noisy mealtimes, that's for sure.

My heart could not be filled any fuller with love and joy for you. My cup runneth over sweet boy. My cup runneth over.

I will be loving you and holding tight to you for the rest of my days. As I tell Gage, I love you more than the stars in the sky! You are a joy and a blessing. How I thank the Lord for you!

Loving you always,

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