Friday, August 20, 2010

The Simpler Things

Who knew one could appreciate something as simple as carpet?! After the recent flooding I'm sure many people would agree. Thankfully we didn't have any damages to fix, we just wanted to make what we already had better.

One of the first things we decided to renovate in our new house was the floor in the family room. It was hardwood. We wanted carpet. I know, *gasp*! Covering up hardwood floors?! Many of the "older people" in our lives have shuddered at the thought, but we knew right away that having kids means a lot of time spent on the floor for everyone so we couldn't wait to make it a soft, cozy place.


Notice the wall color change as can you not! There is still work to be done to the fireplace, draperies, tv stand, etc. but one thing at a time right?! (Instead of "Where's Waldo", "Where's the cute little naked munchkin???")

Gage is looking on from the kitchen. That wood floor is staying put!

Running through the newly carpeted room and enjoying the way it feels on the feet!

Aww, so soft!

See what I mean? There is lots of future fun to be had on the floor!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I would totally agree- there just has to be carpet in a room like that. :) But love the wood floor you have in the kitchen!