Friday, January 16, 2009

Mom and Dad's First Bath

Since Gage didn't like his bath at the hospital I was dreading his first bath at home! I couldn't stand the thought of making him cry. Craig was such a trooper and just dug right in and got to business. Gage didn't do too bad. He only fussed a little. I fussed a lot. Poor Craig! We have decided that Craig will be the bath giver from now on. :-)

Just as we got him undressed Gage decided to give us a little "shower" of our own! Daddy was quick and covered him up.

How many hands does it take to give a sponge bath??

Almost done!

Ahh, so nice to be clean, and warm and cozy again!


Holly said...

Bathtime is such a great father/son bonding time. My Craig is also the official bather of Will at our house, and Will prefers it that way. I just don't do it quite like daddy!

Partyhouse 4 God said...

What fun times!!! Preston didn't like the spounge bath, but he loves the full bath time with his big sister Hope.