Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Fun

Hello! I'm back! :) I have been so busy with my new obsession, I have neglected my blog.

My new obsession is... drum roll please... searching for preschool activities to do with the boys! I am putting together a binder to keep us busy through the upcoming winter months. Truly, I.Am.Obsessed!! One great blog leads you to another and another and another! I feel so blessed to have such great, FREE, resources right at my fingertips. (I think Craig misses my obsession with hunting for recipes...)

These are a few things we have done so far:

Searching for numbers in the rice, then hammering them in place - so fun!
Mixing paint colors!
A paper plate pumpkin! I just love this...had a hard time taking it down!

Bath paint! Before it got messy...
Sensory Table Fun!Craig built this table himself...pretty awesome!

Making leaf people! Examining the finished product!

Having FUN!

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Juli Camarin said...

You are so amazing! What a great mom you are! Your boys are going to remember the amazing things you did with them their whole lives! NICE JOB!