Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Festival

Our toughest decisions lately on the weekends have been, just what to do with the boys...since there are SO many options around here! It really is a good problem to have I guess!

Last Saturday we decided on the Pumpkin Festival at Wagner Farms. First up on the to-do list was a tractor ride!Then we rode it again of course!

The boys enjoyed looking at all the animals,and playing in the straw (or was it hay? I can't remember which!)Gage even got to milk a cow!We had a nutritious lunch of chocolate chip cookies and potato chips.Gage's favorite thing was being buried under pumpkins. And although it was very chilly and blustery, we had a great time!


Craig Engelbrecht said...

Great pics!

Holly said...

These are precious moments! Cherish each one. What wonderful memories your boys will have of their childhood. So many special experiences!