Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Times

It is definitely time for an update from the Engelbrecht Household! As I previously posted, Craig is now lifting the boys again, which makes my life so much easier! Those 6 weeks were grueling, but we had some great times in there too!

Craig's brother Kevin and his family came to visit! Dalton is just one month older than Gage, and Bentley is 3 months now (2 months when they were here!).

We had lots of fun having them here!

And these two little leprechauns were here for a few days during Spring Break.

Gage had fun watching Will play the Wii.

And we went to Jordan Creek for some shopping and playtime.

That afternoon while we were enjoying the beautiful weather, Gage locked himself in the Envoy ...long story! But the good news is that our 2 year old is so smart, he can also UNLOCK the door as well!

We also visited Gma & Gpa E. in there, and had visits from GrandMary too. So really, as you can see, those 6 weeks went by very WELL!

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