Sunday, June 20, 2010

Halfway to ONE!

Happy Half Birthday my sweet little Eli!

You are halfway to one year old - wow! It is a joy to watch you change and grow. No hair, no teeth, but you have LOTS of sweetness! Actually you do have a little more hair than last month, and I can feel one little bottom tooth coming through!

You are starting to grab your toes when you are lying on your back, which is absolutely the cutest thing to me. We are working on sitting you up more so you can sit up yourself eventually. Your little chubby belly gets in the way so it's not an easy thing! I wonder if that's the same deal with rolling...? You make it to one side and that's about it.

You weigh a whopping 23 pounds and wear 12-18 month clothes! Are you going to be our football player someday...?

You smile big at your big brother, he is one of your favorite people. He likes to poke at your belly or pat your head if you're crying.

You are very attached to your mama and daddy. No one else can even hold you or you will wail. We love it that you love us so much, but we hope that you will soon let others hold you and love on you too!

It is so cute to see you pucker your lips and "ppbbff" away. You have been saying "Mamamamama" lately, only when you're upset, but still, it does my heart good!

Sweet, sweet, cherished boy, you are a blessing to us! We love you so much. We pray that you will grow up confident and secure in that, and even more so in the love that your Jesus has for you.

I will always be loving you,

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Shantel said...

Such a cutie!!! Both you of your boys are adorable! I really enjoy reading your updates :)